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  • ビタミン乳業株式會社

    • Vitamin Milk Products co.,ltd.
    • 2-3-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 
    • Phone +81-6-6541-6455


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    (Q) What are your new products?
    VT series are freeze-resistant cream made from milk produced in Hokkaido.
    VT-40 and VT-35 have 40% and 35% fat content, respectively.
    They can be whipped for cake decoration, or mixed up with meringue to make mousse.
    Another product is Hokkaido soft serve ice cream mix that you can freeze, too.
    It is the main ingredient of soft serve ice cream.
    They are the world’s first patented freeze-resistant cream.
    (Q) Why are they better than regular cream?
    First of all, our frozen cream has the same quality as fresh cream after thawing.
    Cake with our patented whipped cream can also be frozen.
    (As mentioned above, fresh cream cannot maintain its quality, once it is frozen and thawed.)
    In addition, transportation costs by ship can be much lower than fresh cream by air.
    Thus, it can be used conveniently, whenever you want, as much as you want during its shelf life, one year.
    And most importantly, it has rich flavor and light texture, hallmarks of Hokkaido cream.
    (Q) How can I store the patented cream?
    We suggest keeping it in a freezer, under -18℃.
    (Q) How can I thaw the patented cream?
    Keep it in a refrigerator for 12 hours before use.
    For example, move it into a fridge before bed, and it will be ready next morning.
    (Q) Preservation method and term of thawed cream?
    After thawing, keep it in a refrigerator at 3-7℃ (about 5℃), and use it within 7 days.
    (Q) How can I keep the remaining cream?
    If it is already opened, keep the pouch in the refrigerator at 3-7℃ (about 5℃), and use it ASAP.
    (Q) Is it possible to re-freeze the cream once thawed?
    It is possible, but we do not recommend it.
    (Q) How can I whip the cream?
    It is the same as preparing regular cream.
    At first, put the cream into a mixer. Make sure the cream temperature is 3-~7℃.
    And add sugar.
    And then whip at low speed for one minute.
    And then high speed for 4 minutes.
    Adjust it to your preference.
    (Q) How much sugar do I need?
    We recommend 70 g per liter.
    Remember, too much sugar makes the cream less tasty.
    (Q) Can I add liquor or vanilla?
    A little is all right.
    However, it already has a rich flavor.
    (Q) Why do we use Standing Pouch?
    A material of Standing Pouch is aluminum laminated.
    It is a good heat conductor so that the cream thaws easily.
    The interior coating is a polypropylene film.
    It is safe for contact with food.
    Air and light do not pass through the package.
    It is heat sealed airtight.
    It is stronger and lighter than paper. 
    It takes up less space and is convenient to dispose of.
    (Q) How did FUKUSHIMA affect in your company?
    Please be reassured, all of our ingredients are brought from safe districts without radioactive contamination, from Hokkaido, Shimane prefecture and Nagasaki prefecture.
    (Q) How do you describe Vitamin Milk Products?
    Our office and factory are located in OSAKA and were established in 1951.
    Our company produces fresh cream for sweets, cooking and coffee.
    Our products are sold to confectionary factories, hotels, restaurants and so on.
    We have a variety of products containing different amounts of milk fat, such as 47%, 40%, 35% and 20%.
    As western cuisines have become popular in Japan, there is more demand for lighter cream.
    So we recently produce lower fat cream to meet consumers demand for lighter, healthier choices.