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  • ビタミン乳業株式會社

    • Vitamin Milk Products co.,ltd.
    • 2-3-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 
    • Phone +81-6-6541-6455


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    Our company was established in 1951.

    We think that Japanese cake is among the most delicate and artistic in the world.
    Our fresh cream products, therefore, are made in such high quality to meet the demands. We believe our fresh cream is one of the best products in Japan.
    Our fresh cream has some characters with our particular know-how, which our competitors often investigate and analyze to reproduce, but never succeed.
    If you try our whipped cream, you may find it light and mild.
    Light and mild feeling lets you eat a lot of volume at a time without losing its good taste,
    rich flavors, and delicate textures.

    President Masaru Shoji